Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pick and Draw: An Art Game

Recently I was asked to review this cool drawing game: Pick and Draw designed by artist Rich Davis. The game focuses on drawing cool cartoon faces which all kids love to draw (and giggle at). This game can be played by one child or with a whole group depending on how many card sets you have. When I showed my daughter this game she was instantly intrigued and so was my husband (an art teacher).
This game would be great to take on a trip or tuck into a bag for a lengthly waiting room stay.  All you need to supply is some paper and pencils.

To begin the game,  you make 5 stacks of cards face down of: Head shapes,  Eyes, Noses, Mouths, and Hair.  The ears are drawn by using "C" shapes in any size you choose.

Then you have your pencil and paper ready and pick a head shape first. It is suggested to make the head larger than any other part so you can fit the features on the face.

Next, select some eyes and with this it is suggested to create them any size you choose and try to stay with what you chose.

After eyes, select the nose shape, then mouth, and hair.  Between Mouth and Hair draw some  "C" shaped ears.

After you have drawn all the card you are done,  but I can imagine if you want to add color or more details you can.

C really enjoyed this game and I think all kids would.  This game makes drawing fun and less intimidating than looking at pages of a book.

Not only does Rich Davis have this wonderful game, but he also has a blog that you can check out with step by step drawings as well as videos.  Here is his blog: 

If you want to try out the game Pick and Draw online you can here:

To purchase the game Pick and Draw you can click here.  The game is only $10.00!!!


  1. wow! So Cool! Thanks for sharing the info Melissa and introducing great artists!

  2. That game is terrific! My kids love to draw. I have them draw something every day. I love Rich Davis! I blogged about him here -