Thursday, March 15, 2012

How to Make a Sailboat: by C

My daughter always asks me if she can make her own project for The Chocolate Muffin Tree and this is one of them: "How to Make a Sailboat".  I've even let my daughter take pictures of her own projects step by step (but the photos didn't turn out.....we're still working on that).  She sees me documenting the steps of everything all the time and sometimes I wonder what kind of effect will have on her? Maybe it means we just need to create without documentation of everything (we are working on that)....the spontaneity gets lost sometimes. Here is one of her adorable construction paper sailboats.

For this project you'll need:
2 Sheets of Construction Paper

Take it away C:

First you fold up the corner on a piece of construction paper like this.

Then you cut of the part that is showing and even it out.

Then fold it again on a corner. (Are you getting all this?) Then cut off the part that is showing again. This  is the sail of the boat.

It should look like this.

Now take a different color of construction paper and fold it the short way. This is the boat.

Now take the sail and make sure it is folded together.

Place the sail on top of the boat and use clear tape for this, not glue.....!

Now, add stripes (or no stripes) on the sail with marker and add yourself and your name on the boat part and you are done!

Finished boat!

Here is another sailboat that I (C) made. 

What do you think of C's self designed project and instructions?

Are you blogger that writes about the things you do with your children? 

If so, what challenges do you face with blogging and your children?


  1. Awesome and Excellent! C did a great Job! This is how we are getting paid rite Melissa! We spent lot of time with our kids crafting and when we see their budding creativity I feel all our effort is for good!

    My daughter has also started doing projects by her own steps and I do post her projects.

    I feel sad to say the challenge I face when I blog the post is I don't get any comments/traffic. May be people don't feel its impressive or something.... I'm not sure

    But that doesn't stop me from blogging the post I want to treasure the memories and want my daughter to look back and enjoy her projects.

  2. Sorry to comment as anonymous, but have not yet grasped how to comment as myself or as Let's Create and Make ( my facebook page!)
    I think C's sailboat is fantastic and really shows how you have nurtured a very creative child!
    Sad to see Esther's comment re her child's projects- I think that's what all these blogs are about and it's fascinating to see the effect on our children!
    Can't wait to see C's next project! Hope it's coming soon!

  3. I love this post! ADORABLE! I struggle with the spontaneity as well. I hate worrying about getting good pics while doing activities,and sometimes wish to just be present with my little ones, and not document anything at all <3

  4. This is such a fun post! Thanks so much, C, for sharing your project with us!

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  6. I think C's instructions was the best part of the project :) I am just starting out as a blogger and quickly loving it. It keeps me motivated for my son. I have the same challenge as you. I see something great to document as he does it because great stuff happens throughout the whole process, it's not just the end product, just like C's instructions, but I worry if it would be a little different if I was more "in the moment with him." It hasn't seemed to bother him so I hope to use our photo documentation as a way of recalling what we did so that it will help him remember what he learned.

  7. I love the instructions!

    I'm a toddler teacher and don't blog about my own kids--I blog about activities we do with other people's children. The biggest thing in a classroom setting is trying to take photos while there is a LOT going on around me.

    If I was still working with older kids I would *love* to do a project like this. C's instructions are very clear, and I think the people on her boats enjoy sailing very much.

    (great language dev. project as well!)

  8. Very cute. Believe it or not, my daughter doesn't really know what blog is and that I blog. Maybe one day I will share it with her and then she can be my co-author.