Wednesday, August 31, 2011

U is for Umbrella

Today with other bloggers we are celebrating the ABC's of preschool with my friend Deborah and her awesome blog Teach Preschool She is celebrating 20,000 fans on her Facebook page!!!  Each blogger celebrating is taking a letter from the alphabet to celebrate the ABC's of Preschool!  Click here to check out all the other ABC's of Preschool! I have chosen "U" for Umbrella!  My daughter Cassie Loves umbrellas (opening and shutting hers) and enjoys playing with them and going on rain walks!  If you have never gone on a rain walk with your children... you definitely need to soon! Here is a drawing that my daughter Cassie made of her and her umbrella in the rain!!! We used crayons,  a blue water based marker, water, and a paint brush to create this! Keep reading to find out the steps!

Draw a picture of an umbrella and you in the rain with crayon! (make sure they are not washable crayons----just regular crayons!)

IMPORTANT: Use a a water based blue marker to add the rain in short lines!

Then, take some water and brush and paint over the blue water based blue marker with water.  This will give it a fuzzy rainy look! So easy and fun! C loved this part!

Here is her finished Umbrella Rain picture again! Beautiful!

Going on a rain walk with your umbrella can be great FUN and just MAGICAL!  Grab your Umbrella and some rain boots and you are good to go! Splashing in the puddles can be so much fun!  It is such a valuable lesson to teach children to be positive in the midst of a rainy day....which most people hate!  Walking in the rain is such a wonderful sensory experience too! Feeling and listening to the rain!

Jumping in puddles and maybe finding some toads or worms along the way can really add to the FUN!  I hope you bring your children on rain walks!  It is a family tradition in our household!  Be sure to have the tune of "Singing In The Rain" in your head and you will be guaranteed to have a Wonderful time!

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  1. cute. I love her self portrait. She looks so happy to be under her umbrella!

  2. That is the greatest rain idea - I am going to share that with my class too! I love the singing in the rain!! So sweet!

  3. I love the rain affect in the picture - looks great!Oh and splashing in the puddles - priceless!

  4. Can't wait to try this! I think maybe I'll plan a "galoshes" day if we ever have rain in the forecast again! (Plus, I've really wanted a pair for myself, so it would make for a great excuse! :)

  5. the kids in my room are simply in love with umbrellas! :) They also thought it was simply wonderful when it was pouring down rain and OUR PRINCIPAL ran out in the pouring each child off the bus and carried them running into the building!! I've promised them that the first day it is sprinkling (not pouring down) we'll take a rain walk! can't wait!

  6. What a truly delightful post!!! LOVE the artwork and the project as seen thru your daughter's eyes! How truly small world that I gave the keynote at a conference this past weekend and the theme of the day was "Under Your Umbrella."

    Seriously every participant recieved an umbrella and stage was COVERED with them in every color!

    So grateful for Deborah bringing us all together thru the Alphabet! I'm one of the letter M's and I speak to Music. Hope that you have the opportunity to pop thru some time.


  7. I LOVE that umbrella picture! She is very talented, and painting over it with water like that is genius! I have to do this with my little man. He will love it! And I'm in love with her rain boots. Adorable!

  8. wonderful post, melissa. we also like to play with umbrellas in the summer! under the sprinklers. rain boots + galoshes + umbrellas = lots of silly summer fun.

  9. Jumping in puddles in one of life's simple joys.
    great post!

  10. Lovely post! Galoshes, Galoshes, Galoshes...that is what my son wants next. We'll be cueing in from your post for our Rainy Day fun. Gene Kelly's Singing In The Rain is an that I couldn't posting on(as an off-topic) some time back.

  11. There's a lovely saying "Those who say that sunshine brings happiness have never danced in the rain!"

  12. Wow that cute little kid is so talented, I can see from her the potential that she has. She has a brilliant and creative mind. She paints like a professional! Juliet Robertson, I love that saying, very meaningful.

  13. Some 'cute as a button' photo's here! Have you ever heard of the children's 'Singing in the Rain' song? It is a modified version of the one you refer to. It is a lot of fun. Published by Gymbaroo. :)

  14. Great idea Melissa, using the water based marker to make the picture rain ... LOVE it!
    Donna :) :)

  15. What a wonderful way to celebrate Deborah's blog! I loved the picture and the idea of creating rain with water. We don't get a lot of rain in the summer, so new rain of the fall will probably be a big event. It's still in the upper 80s here though.

  16. Very nice!
    But, hey! We're waiting for Cassie's photo, here!

  17. This is very cool. Cassie is quite the little artist.

  18. Great idea to make kids think positive on a gloomy rainy day. I'll be sharing this to fellow colleagues.

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