Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our Plastic Bottle Water Wall

This has been on our Summer List of Things To Do and we finally completed our Water Wall.  It went through many changes,  but this is our final result.  We used pegboard,  plastic water bottles, and zip ties.
Thank you to everyone who inspired us to create one!  There are so many great Water Wall ideas out there in the blogosphere!  Be sure to check out the links after this post!

The zip ties were looped around the necks and main parts of the bottles and then through the holes in the pegboard.  To make the longer tubes,  I cut off the bottoms of the bottles and stuffed another bottle through the cut end.  In some instances multiple bottles were placed together.  In some places I made holes in the sides of bottles to place the top of the bottle through.

Cassie tested the flow of the water each time I made a new change.  I envisioned funnels at the top,  but it ended up with just the cut off bottle bottoms.

It looked so boring with the clear bottles and white pegboard that we decided to use food coloring and water to pour through the passages.  Red water first!

Then green!

Then blue!

Ultimately,  our Water Wall was just too white and we both agreed to paint the bottles with acrylic paint!

Even though you cannot see the flow of water as well...I think it makes a COOl Artistic and COLORFUL Water Wall!  This was never how I envisioned our Water Wall to look,  but I am very Happy with it!

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  1. Thanks for sharing my water wall link! I love the idea of using the colored water. We'll have to do that some time yet this summer.

  2. We found that using the colored water was much better too. The kids didn't even like it until I added the color. But once we ran out of colored water, they started to get the idea and then they liked it either way.

  3. The colored water is genius! Thanks for showing your technique to connect the bottles - great ideas! Love the green water flowing photo :)

  4. We ... well actually our kinder children, made an amazing water wall and marble run last year and we are about to put together a portable water wall for a 'water' workshop we are holding next week. I LOVE the idea of using the coloured water ... I will definitely use that idea at the workshop!
    Donna :) :)

  5. Love this idea! I especially love the colored water. I can envision how cool it must looking as it swirls and washes it's way down to the bottom.
    Hey, on an unrelated note, I'm having technical difficulties over at my blog. I would really appreciate you and your followers hopping over to my blog where I've posted my problem and offering up any advice you and they may have.
    PS: The trampoline is open for business!! Come on by whenever you're in the mood.

  6. I have never heard of water wall before - what a fantastic idea!

  7. how fun! love all the changes it underwent. what a great process to go through together. fun!

    Hope to see you on this week's Sunday Showcase