Friday, August 26, 2011

Coffee Table Rock Art

Cassie and I collected some Lake Worn Rocks at the beach the other day!  We never had a chance to do any Land Art on the beach, but I inspired her to create some "Coffee Table Rock Art" one day!  I created a  huge spiral on our coffee table with the rocks and that instantly intrigued her to create her own "Rock Art."

Rock Person!

Here is the same "Rock Person" with arms and holding a newspaper!

Another Rock Person...with a BIG smile!!!!

Artist doing some serious work!!!!

My FAVORITE!!! The Flower!!!

We'll be going back soon to gather more rocks or to build some sand sculptures!!!

If not sculpture....Swimming!!! This girl LOVES the water!

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  1. Love the rock art. The beach picci looks beautiful x

  2. So neat! I never find rocks like that - need a beach!

  3. These are so pretty!

  4. We also enjoy rock art! This summer, we are playing specially with our seaside stuff: shells, mussels and the most precious things: tiny polished glass we find in the beach.

    Nice blog! Congratulations!

  5. Lovely rock art pictures!
    I love the photo of Cassie on the beach, what a relaxing time!

  6. What an awesome idea - and so easy to use. We love using our garden rocks as "bug playgrounds" :)

  7. we like to play with the rocks, too!
    Here a "natural tangram":
    and here a rock art family contest:

  8. What a brilliant post, looks like you had a lot of fun!


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