Sunday, August 14, 2011

Oil Pastels and Baby Oil

We drew with oil pastels and painted over them with baby oil.  Here is one of Cassie's flowers drawings! She really enjoyed the process of painting with baby oil.

We used Crayola Oil Pastels which are quite vibrant and C always enjoys using them because they are so creamy and bright compared to just crayons.  Here is C painting very seriously over her oil pastel drawing with baby oil.  Make sure you have newspaper on your table!

Here was C's inspiration from our yard! These are all flowers she has picked for me that I place in little jars and bottles because the stems are usually too short! Zinnias, lilies, and marigolds! Love the colors!

The next day we made cards with oil pastels and baby oil.  I taped off a frame with painter's tape and C drew flowers with black permanent markers to give them more definition.

Then C colored the flowers with oil pastel.

Then she painted over the drawings with baby oil....her favorite part! She did over do it a little... and the baby oil seeped under the tape!  I wish you could have seen how delighted she was painting with baby oil!

Here are two of the cards. I think they are lovely and don't mind the baby oil on the edges!  The baby oil really blends the oil pastels nicely!

These cards will make beautiful gifts for a few August and September Birthdays we have coming up in our family! I'm sure we'll be revisiting this again!

What Do You Think???

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  1. love new art project ideas. will try this one. thanks!

  2. I never thought to use baby oil over pastels. What a great idea. I can not wait to give this a try. Did you have any trouble getting the painters tape off the paper? Mine always seems to rip the paper so I was wondering if there is a trick to it.

  3. Those cards are adorable! Love the baby oil -- makes it kind like watercolor!

  4. I didn't even know Crayola made oil pastels. I'll have to get some for my boys. The cards are really sweet and I love how the baby oil causes the oil pastels to blend together.

  5. These are absolutely EXQUISITE!!!!
    (I'm abit prejudiced because they are of some of my favourite flowers, and colours!) :)
    (and because Cassie did them!)

    Lovely, and I will certainly do this with my children, and I will try it with some of my own personal art experiments.

    Cassie's enjoyment of this process is so apparent, and I think children do like pastels, as they give such a nice effect, and the smell creates a nice sensory experience as well.
    Thanks so much for this idea!

  6. Beautiful project.
    I have to try this with my younger students.

    Thanks for sharing

  7. They look fantastic! Love the idea and will have a go!


  8. I love the process of adding the baby oil. Who knew? I will definitely have my girls try this.

  9. They are lovely. I will have to try it. Just wondering do they dry out well or remain oily?

  10. I'm back again... did the baby oil dry okay? Just curious. I do love the markers with the drawing - a kid drawn coloring page :P

  11. I always love your ideas. Did you use any sort of special paper for this project - I would assume that regular printer paper that we are using wouldn't take baby oil too well...

  12. We used more of a tagboard (thicker paper). Our projects have almost completely dried. I would suggest to cover the whole paper with color for the best results!