Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our Land Art

We've created Land Art throughout the summer that I'd like to share.  Cassie and I were inspired by Artist Andy Goldsworthy and his film Rivers and Tides to do Our Rain Shadows (that post is here) and all the following shown below.

Sun and Leaves by Mom

Water, Leaves, Grass, and Flower Floating, by C
Branch Sculpture By C
Branch and Leaf Sculpture By C
Leaves that Blew away By Mom
A found sculpture at a State Park
Mom's Rock Snake
Cassie Building her Rock Sculpture
Nature is so inspiring! I see so many possibilities for Land Art when we are outside and especially while hiking.  If you ever watch the Documentary River and Tides with Andy Goldsworthy.... you will be inspired!!

Other Inspirations 

TinkerLab has a beautiful post on Forest Land Art here.  Be sure to check this out!

Also, be sure to check out Richard Schilling's Land Art Blog here.

Another great Land Art Blog: Land Art For Kids.

I hope all this has inspired you to create Land Art!!!
I'm sure we'll be doing more Land Art in the future!
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  1. Beautiful art you created! And also found! So inspiring!

  2. What a fantastic way to teach a child about Land art.

    Your photos are absolutely beautiful.

  3. These are lovely, Melissa!
    It's so nice to see the beauty you and Cassie are enjoying this summer, and the ideas for land art inspirational!

  4. I just adore this idea.... am so desperate for the weather to warm up down here so we can get outside and get creative!

  5. Ah, Land Art. I find it so soothing, both to look at and to make. Making it has those zen moments when you get completely lost in the moment, and finding it can be inspiring. I love that you girls spotted someone else's rock installation; ephemeral art that's left for a stranger's enjoyment. Thanks, too, for linking to our land art post!

  6. So lovely! I have added your blog to my list of favorite websites in my latest post. An award is waiting for you, if you are interested!

  7. Absolutely beautiful! Our kids have begun exploring land art on their bushwalks - it was just something that they were naturally driven to do. Kids seem to innately want to create and communicate with whatever materials they have on hand.

  8. Loved the land art you made and so glad you found some to enjoy. We absolutely love land art and get down to creating it where-ever we can!

  9. Ahh it looks like you had a brilliant day out, love the sun and leaves in the top photo!!

  10. The land art piece you made is so amazing. It reminds me of a mandala. Like you, I like to create my own artwork alongside my daughter creating her own. We both get creative freedom. =)