Friday, December 9, 2011

So Easy Peppermint Bark

We made peppermint bark, which is one of my favorite Holiday Candies!   It is so much cheaper to make it.  I found a great recipe for it at Savory Sweet Life here (it has chocolate on the bottom too!!!) Yum....doesn't look delicious?  I like using the red, white, and green candy canes to add more color!

All you need for the recipe is a bag of chocolate chips.

A bag of white chocolate chips.

And some crushed candy canes.  C loved crushing them and eating them!

I'm not going to repeat the directions in detail so please go the recipe here at Savory Sweet Life!  In a nutshell you melt the chocolate chips and spread them on a parchment lined  9x13 pan and cool in freezer. Then melt white chocolate chips and mix in half of your crushed candy canes and top with the remainder of the crushed candy canes.  You can cool them in the freezer again.  Remove from pan and break off pieces and Enjoy! We've been munching on it all week!

Peppermint Bark makes a great gift too! I know we'll be making more because it is almost gone! (so much for it being a gift!)

What Holiday treats have you been making and eating?

We have also made these yummy Cocoa Press Christmas Tree Cookies (almost gone too!)


  1. I don't bake and I don't cook, but man do I drool...I can't tell you how much I love visiting your blog, thank you!!!! oh my thing is photography but mostly although I don't work anymore is a resume consultant so if ever you ever need anyone to check your CV/resume, I'm you're glad totally free for those who make me so happy, like you do

  2. that was suppose to say I'm your gal...

  3. Message cookies! But I really want to make this peppermint bark. I also want to make red velvet cake pops for the neighbors.

  4. That looks SO good! I make a crazy good bark at Christmas too, with coconut, toasted almonds and rice krispies. It just wouldn't be Christmas if we didn't make that. I'll post it on my blog when I make it.
    I may have to make some of this candy cane bark too! My boys would love it!

  5. Wow! This looks so yummy! I just discovered your blog and am so glad I did!