Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Introducing...Artterro: Eco Art Kits

While searching the internet one day I came across this wonderful company, Artterro,  dedicated to Eco-friendly Art Kits for kids and adults, and now a sponsor on my blog !!!  I personally would LOVE to own all their art kits to create myself!!! (there are over 12 kits!) Not only are these kits Eco-Friendly,  but they are BEAUTIFUL!  The materials are high quality and are designed to promote open ended art experiences.  Artterro is a small business aiming to be sustainable in every way: from the materials in the kits to the packaging and the fact their kits are assembled by Goodwill Industries in Milwaukee, WI. WOW! what a Great company! Artterro is providing a special discount code to Chocolate Muffin Tree Readers provided at the end of this post for your Holiday shopping!

Artterro sent us their Wool Felt Bug Kit to try out and we created some amazingly artistic bugs!
To begin, I first laid out all the materials in the kit to see what our possibilities were!   Lovely wool shapes, beads, fabric, embroidery floss, ribbon, needles, and more...

Then, we started gluing the basic shapes of wool to create our bug bodies.  C had FUN with this part.

We let them dry a bit.

Then C guided me to what beads, and embroidery floss I should use.  I started sewing the bugs together too.  I'm not much of a seamstress,  but I enjoyed this!!! My kind of sewing! You can see some of our LOVELY creations: Our Bee and Caterpillar

And more... Queen Ant (with the blue wings), Purple Ladybug, and Jazzy Bug!

We took Artterro's advice and used their packaging to frame our Art.  I decorated the frame.  GORGEOUS!

Since the Holidays are upon us,  we even fashioned our bugs into ornaments.  What do you think?  They could go with author David Carter's book: Jingle Bugs!!!

There were even some beads left to create some bracelets by C.

Speaking of Christmas,  these kits would make Great X-mas gifts or anytime gift (I know I would enjoy getting them!) Artterro is providing a special discount code to Chocolate Muffin Tree Readers: TREE20, this will give you 20% off any order until December 14, 2011 for their online store @

Be sure to check out Artterro's web site here to find out more about this wonderful company and you can purchase their kits here.

Some of their other Lovely kits:

Wire and Bead, Bookmaking, Creativity Kit, Wool Felt Wearables, Art Dolls Kit,  Paint With Wool, Collage Jewelry, Garden Art,  Canvas Storybook,  Bubble Wands, Collage Decoration Kit and Art Journal Kits.

You can view all the kits here.


  1. amazing I love how you let children know the beauty of art

  2. I just discovered these kits as well, the bug kit looks fun! :)