Thursday, December 1, 2011

Origami Christmas Trees

We created some origami Christmas trees! I thought they turned out pretty cute and C especially enjoyed decorating them. Here is her finished origami tree!

We used about a 9 inch square piece of construction paper,  but if you have origami paper or thinner paper that may work a little easier! I found some metallic origami paper here, which would be really pretty for X-mas!!!
 1. The first step is to position the paper like a diamond.

2. Then fold like this.

3. Open it back up.

4. Then, fold both sides to meet the center crease....this is the kite base in Origami terminology.

5. Now fold up the bottom point.

6. Fold that bottom point (from above) a little more than half way down.

7. Then, fold bottom point to meet the fold above. I stapled it at that point because with construction paper it kept popping out of shape.  If you use origami paper or a thinner paper you wouldn't have to staple it!

Turn it over... and time to decorate!!!

This was C's favorite part! Who doesn't love glitter, sequins and spangles?  The children in my art class considered them gold and treasure! Notice I forgot to put newspaper down?... and glitter is everywhere on our kitchen table now!  We just used dots of glue for the spangles.  We added yellow paper stars.

Here is C's tree again!

Here is mine! 

Stay tuned for some more X-mas tree projects in the coming weeks!!!

Check out all these Different Origami Christmas Tree ideas from my Google image search here! (You'll be inspired!...I am!)


  1. Those are really adorable! I just bought some new sequins in anticipation of awesome Christmas tree crafts. Yay!

  2. Honestly is there anything you can't do, how marvelous...

  3. These are adorable!! Love the simple origami too.. We made a magazine paper tree yday and later putti wanted to make a christmas tree and now I know what we'll be making:)

  4. This is a very cute and simple idea!

  5. Just found your site! This is a really cute idea!

  6. Melissa,
    Thanks for this good idea. We are having a small party on this coming Friday, and I was wanting to find a craft that my children could do with their parents. Well, now I have found one - I think this will be perfect.
    Children do truly love glitter, and spangles, don't they? Your trees turned out wonderfully.

  7. Yesterday I bought two chocolate muffins, and one I ate for you!

  8. This is a nice and easy folding project - I want to try it over the weekend. Pinning...