Saturday, July 9, 2011

Woodworking Fun With Inspiration from a Book

C has been having a lot of fun with woodworking and real tools lately.  It all began from inspiration from a free woodworking workshop at our local home improvement store Home Depot (our last post). Many of my readers have also informed me that Lowes does free woodworking workshops for kids too! Here is C hard at work with a hammer and nails.

We were also inspired by the book Bruno The Carpenter by Lars Klinting.  This book is about Bruno the Beaver and how he needs to build a tool box for all his disorganized tools. If you want to make his tool box there is a diagram and steps to create it!  The book also has a page that lists and names all the tools Bruno used to make this tool box.  Cassie had fun memorizing each tool and then actually getting to use some of his tools was even more fulfilling!!!  It is a great book to inspire carpentry in your children! There is a book called Bruno the Baker by the same author.  We will be checking that one out soon!  

We actually got some scrap wood from Home Depot and used some scraps from our garage too. We don't have munch of a work bench so we brought this project outside. Here is a close up view.

We happened to have an old hand drill from Grandfather and it is the perfect kind for a kid to use. They do sell kids sized power drills on this website.  In case your wondering...I was right there supervising C!!!

We did some work with a screwdriver too, but C enjoyed the hammer much more.  Lately we've been letting C experiment with unscrewing items around the house too.  She loves it!

C attached some crafty wooden hearts with nails,  which was fun too.

 Here are 2 of her creations.  She could have spent all day pounding in nails and twisting screws in.

Cassie even took a pencil and marked off some places on an old piece of fence found in our garage.  I actually used a hand saw and cut some pieces off for her and she was intrigued and wanted to help! (a little too sharp and bulky!)

Still more hammering...she didn't want to stop!!!

C's 3 creations after this woodworking session.

These creations inspired some imaginative play with cars....she said they were roads!

C actually taped them together and put them on our coffee table!

Cassie really enjoyed this and wanted to pound more nails for the past few days.  We need to get more wood and supplies!!!

What are some other woodworking projects that we could make?

What woodworking projects have you worked on with your children?
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  1. This is way too fabulous! Thanks for the post and the detailed photos. Adding wood scraps or shapes is a brilliant idea. Loved the final taped-together combination of the wood working pieces :)

  2. Such a great post!! Love how she is working with so much concentration. Putti has loved hammering golf tees, I really need to get some wood for her to try.
    btw, we havent had luck with Lowes free workshops, they said Putti is too little and we need to wait:)

  3. Woodworking is so fun an empowering for kids, lov this!

  4. Nice! I really want for Anna to try it too. Need to convince my husband first to let her have a go with his tools - he is pretty protective of them :)

  5. Hey There, I remember you posting a link for a very cool tool kit with real tools, kid size? Do you remember the link by chance? I'd love to buy them for my boys. Thanks.