Monday, July 18, 2011

Rain Shadows

We were inspired by Land Artist Andy Goldsworthy after viewing his film Rivers and Tides to create Rain Shadows! It is a fabulous Artist documentary if you enjoy that sort of thing.  The artist creates one of these rain shadows during the documentary!  Cassie actually enjoyed this film and has been inspired to create other land art too!  Basically to create a Rain Shadow you need to lay down on the pavement just before it starts to rain and lay still until it looks like the rain has covered the pavement around you.  Then when you get up you should see your Rain Shadow.  Cassie and I were lucky enough to be around right when it began to rain and tried this. I laid on my back and C was on her side.  it was very refreshing and freeing laying down and letting the rain fall on you, but I'm not sure it was for C! Here are our Rain Shadows!

Looking at our Rain Shadows!

We tried creating some Rain Shadows by spraying the hose over each other too! It was more difficult to get the water to come down without going under our bodies!  You would probably need to spray the water up higher so it would fall more like rain.  Also with such HOT pavement it made it difficult to lay down! BE CAREFUL!



You could also try different objects to see what rain shadows that they create.

Also, you could observe natural occurring rain shadows left from parked cars or trees that the rain cannot rain through because it is a light rain!

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  1. Lovely!! We recently did our own version of an outdoor Goldsworthy project for one of my curriculum packs. These rain shadows are great but I'm afraid we might be too wiggly and impatient for them, perhaps we'll try our own version with water mister/spray bottles one hot afternoon! : )

    pink and green mama,

  2. i love it!! i can just imagine how funny it would look to have a line of kids lying down on the sidewalk in the rain... :)

  3. aaaaaaahhhh fun! And great on a hot day to spray rain :) I'd never get Henry to lie still for that.

  4. Love! It's such a perfect impromptu-art!

  5. Very fun! Wish I had seen this yesterday, we were able to enjoy a light summer rain after dinner--we'll be ready next time!

  6. This is something I was totally unaware of! Love it and how relaxing and fun to lie down to get wet in rain:) Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Wonderful!! And it teaches patience, too! Looking forward to our next rain so we can try this.

  8. This is such a wonderful idea! We love to play in the rain during the summer, and this is definitely what I'm going to do with the kids next time.

    Happily following you from It's Playtime! I would love it if you would stop by my blog and say hi, and maybe consider following me! :)


  9. We created Indoor rain shadows by splatter painting with toothbrush

  10. What a brilliant idea, love this!