Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mud Bakery

We created a mud kitchen in our backyard with so much inspiration to make one...we just had to!  Check out the links below for our inspiration! We've always played in the mud, but never made an official Mud Kitchen. Just gather some old kitchen items and some mud and you have a mud kitchen.  I saw a toy kitchen in the trash...which would have been perfect to put in the backyard for a more official Mud Kitchen! Ours turned out pretty well though!  Take a look...

Creating soups and stews.

Mud cookies with sand sprinkles on a matte board cookie sheet.

A true Mud pie with leaf decorations.

Everything went into our mud oven on the deck.  Cooking in the sun were mud cake pops, chocolate mud muffins, sweet gum treats, sand sprinkled cookies, and the pie.  They took a day to cook in the sun/deck oven!

The next day the items in the oven were done! Mud cookies!

Chocolate Mud Muffins!

Mud Cake Pops!

C continues to make mud soups and stews....her favorite concoction! A Wizard Stew is what she said this was!

Hope you are inspired to create a Mud Kitchen! A Frugal way to have fun and inspire imagination!

Our Inspiration to create a Mud Kitchen:

Outdoor Concoctions Kitchen from The Imagination Tree

Thrifting for a Mud Pie Kitchen from TinkerLab

Mud Pie Kitchen Renovation with over 30 links from Child Central Station


  1. This is a prolific bakery! It's wonderful, and clearly a source of happiness for your baker.

  2. That Wizard Stew is pretty fabulous! Love the full bakery production of all things muddy-yummy - quite a baker!

  3. I love the Wizard stew. I think that would be my favorite thing to make.

  4. Oh I love that its a bakery! So fun! Henry would definitely love to make his own cookies and muffins! We really have to try doing this!

  5. Lovely Bakery!! This is one thing I WILL have to do to during my India trip:)

  6. Your bakery is very well equipped! What fun! I missed catching up with your blog.

  7. That used to be me :)