Saturday, November 10, 2012

Photography: ABC Scavenger Hunt

This such a fun activity that I've done with my daughter and my High School Art Students. The assignment is to search for letters in the environment and take pictures of them. This project forces you to be a better observer and to get close when taking pictures, which are great skills to teach a beginning photographer. To make it simple, start with finding letters of your name and maybe move on to the whole alphabet.  Here are some of our letters.

You can also do this project without a camera.  It makes a walk around the neighborhood more fun and interesting!  It also is educational for little ones in reinforcing their alphabet recognition!

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More Photography Posts will be coming your way in future posts so stay tuned!


  1. I saw a pin with photos of letters in nature and had to pop over to read your post. I blogged about an activity I did with my kids based on Arlene Alda's "ABC a new way of seeing". We had so much fun. It is amazing what you can find if you really take the time to look around you. You can read my post here:

  2. Great idea - smart and fun. Thanks!

  3. We are going to do this! So, have you thought about writing a book filled with all these ideas, Melissa? I will buy it!

    1. It is fun and motivating. When would I have the time to write a book? Maybe some day?