Friday, April 6, 2012

How to Draw a Bunny by C

I Love Bunnies.  It was my favorite animal to draw as a child. Whenever I had to draw something that was my choice it was a bunny about nine times out of ten.  My daughter "C" has been drawing bunnies since the Easter season is upon us or maybe she is following in my foot steps? She wanted to teach me how to draw a bunny and I told her I could post it on The Chocolate Muffin Tree for all the world to see.  Here is the bunny that she showed me how to draw.

Take it away C:

C: For this drawing, all you need is paper, a pen, and pink marker.  First you draw an oval like this.

C: Then, you draw a circle for the head and add the ears.

C:  Now draw the eyes, nose, mouth, and whiskers.  Then color the nose and ears pink.

C:  Last,  add some lines for fur and a tail.  Make a line around the bunny to create a cave.  Draw eggs and carrots under the bunny.  Now you are done.

Me: Here is my bunny drawing after the instructions from my daughter.  What do you think?  I enjoyed having my daughter teach me to draw a bunny.  She was extremely proud!

Do you let your children teach you how to make things?

Hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family! Take care.

Happy Easter!


  1. So nice...and so important listen the children (we learn lot with them).
    Happy Easter, too!
    kisses, Teresa

    1. Thanks Teresa. It is a great can learn a lot.

  2. My daughter once taught me to make feathery plumes from the fancy hairdos of ballet dancer drawings. Like fountains of feathers!

    1. That is a wonderful story MaryAnn.i hope you still have the drawings.