Thursday, August 23, 2012

Painting Shells With Watercolors

What a great little project this was. I just started painting our shells with watercolors from our beach vacation and C joined right in. Many times it has to be "her idea" to make something so I was thrilled she painted alongside me.  She even wanted to paint more later.

Painting in progress...

Some painted shells...even the paper underneath is a work of art!

What have you done with sea shells from beach vacations?

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  1. This activity is awesome! So colorful and kids enjoy it.

  2. Beautiful! I love that you and C had fun creating together... priceless activity right there x

  3. We just did this yesterday! well actually my mom aka "Nana" did this with the grandbabies while the parents had a few free hours! She used acrylic paints though.

  4. The simplest are the best, aren't they? The simplest activities, of course!

  5. I agree..simplicity made always better impact over the complex one..Shell painting is really impressive and such kind of activities children enjoy the most.


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