Monday, August 20, 2012

Land Art on the Beach

Last week we just got back from our Ocean Beach Vacation and we missed it so much that we decided to go to our Local Lake Beach for some fun before school starts next week.  It is a little more than an hour away but worth the drive.  It was a gorgeous day... beautiful blue skies, warm water, and a nice breeze. We may be back for another day or two.  While we were there we swam, collected rocks/sea glass (not many shells), flew a kite, and created some awesome Beach Land Art.  There was an abundance of rocks and seagull feathers so that became our medium of choice.  Check out some of our fabulous work and please be inspired!

Flying a Kite!

Beginnings of our Mandala Rock Sun.

C adding feathers.

My face with feather hair.

C's HUGE feather mandala.


Good Bye Lake Beach for now we had fun...

Have you created Art on the beach?

Art comes so naturally on the beach...sand castles, land art....

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  1. Lovely. It looks like you had a great vacation. Good luck with the first week of school - we start back next week as well.