Friday, June 22, 2012

Paint Mixing In Bags

I know this is nothing original, but it was a huge hit with my daughter and the neighborhood kids.  All we did was mix paint colors in plastic baggies. The great thing is.....there is no mess!  I hung some of the paint mixing bags on the window like sun catchers. I love how they look!

To create Paint Bags you'll need:

Baggies with the zipper top
Paint like tempera or acrylic

Place the paint in the bag.

Squish the paint together.

 A great way to experiment with mixing colors without the mess...

We did a lot!

You can draw over the paint.

Make no-mess handprints.

Pretty cool?

No mess printing with objects...


My favorite is when I hung them on the window..... Paint Bag Sun Catchers!!!!!

Again, something so simple always has so many possibilities.....try mixing other things in bags...let me know the results!

If you don't have paint you could use shaving cream and food colors.

What projects have you done with Plastic Bags?


  1. I love these photos! So colorful and fun. I have been meaning to do this, and forgot all about it. So glad you shared it. :) Not everything has to be super original.. in fact, little ones love all the traditional stuff too :)

    1. Thanks Crystal. I think when you take a simple idea it is fun to see all the possibilities and experiment.

  2. We've done this before, but didn't try out the handprints or the shape printing, plus yours look so pretty against the window so I think we need to try this again!

    1. Thanks Hannah, We didn't try the other possibilities until. A few days later. We may try mixing some other things in bags.

  3. It looks like they had so much fun! My little guys thought it was lame when I tried this with them last year, LOL. Their expressions were priceless.

    1. Thanks Allison. The kids wanted to do this activity and I couldn't understand why so I understand why yours weren't interested. The more colors we made the more exciting it got. Now I ' m starting to think of other bag mixing possibilities! And they look so pretty on the window too!

  4. This is awesome. My little girl is only 26 months and not really ready to "paint" yet as I dont have an area that could be entirely hosed down afterward, and shes still tres to eat everything, but this would be great! Thanks, Im pinning to use soon. :)


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