Friday, June 8, 2012

Glue and Watercolor Painting Experiment

Lately we've been experimenting a little bit with glue, water, and watercolors.  I think whenever you introduce a new element to an art process it always makes it more fascinating and it definitely made it more intriguing for my daughter... who lately would rather be playing outside or doing her own thing.  One of my readers,  Amelia, told me she was going to try adding glue to our Colorful Mud Paintings mixture and I'm wanting to try that myself too.  Keep reading to find out the results of our experiment with glue and watercolors.

All you need for this process is:
white Glue
thicker paper (scrap book paper, tagboard)

To begin, first make a mixture of one part water and one part white glue.

Brush it all over your paper like this 

Then begin painting with water colors over the glue.

My daughter really liked this process.  It gave the watercolor paint texture and the paintings a different look...kind of  a speckled look.  Here is a rainbow by C.


Flowers by Mom.

Flowers by C.

Experimentation and free form art.

This isn't the first time we've experimented with glue: we've painted with salt, glue, and watercolors here and check out our post on Four Ways to Use Glue (besides pasting) here.

What new elements have you added to art processes with children? 


  1. I love this process Melissa! My older daughter loves painting and glue, and would surly love this!

  2. This looks great. My daughter is fascinated by watercolor pencils lately - it's definitely her favorite art tool right now.

    1. Thanks. Watercolor pencils are great! We will have to use our pencils soon.