Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Crayon Resist Easter Eggs

We did this so simple egg decoration.  The process of crayon resist is always fun and adds a little magic into any art project involving watercolor paint.

For this project you'll need:

white paper
an egg shape pattern
white crayons/or other colors
watercolor paints/paint brushes

First, either have an egg shape already cut out or have a child trace an egg pattern onto white paper.

Then begin decorating/ designing your egg with white crayon by pressing hard.  The white crayon can only be seen if you look at the paper to the side, but it has the coolest effect.   You can use any color of crayon, but the white is the most magical.  As an art teacher,  I have had great results with Neon crayons too.  They really glow with dark paint.

After designing, take watercolor paint and brush over the crayon and the crayon should resist the paint. Make sure the paint is watery or the paint will cover the crayon. Never use washable crayons with this process because the crayon designs will disappear.

Here are our finished crayon resist eggs! Always beautiful!

Happy Easter!

***If you want more inspiration for egg shaped activities be sure to check out: 50+ Egg Shaped Crafts from Putti Prapancha.


  1. Love this! We haven't done crayon/wax resist for ages - must do it again sometime soon!
    I have just started a pinterest account, I see you are on there too! It is great to put all my fav ideas into one stop - I will definitely be pinning this! Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much for the pin. It is great simple idea that can be applied to many themes.

  2. Totally beautiful! We've done this, too, and have always loved! Time to do it in an elaborate manner like yours....

  3. So fun - we are trying this on real eggs today!

    1. Cool. This method works great on real eggs too. My daughter prefers the paper method though.