Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pasta Collages

FYI:In my last post we created Colorful Pasta Sculptures and we are still at it! This time we created Pasta Collages.  C asked to create with pasta again and she rarely ever asks to do make anything again so I thought, why not?  I enjoyed creating with this colorful pasta too! Here is my finished Pasta Collage.

If you missed our post on Creating Colorful Pasta Sculptures you can check it out here.  To prepare for these pasta projects, we first used this pasta dyeing process found here at ehow.com.  Again,  you can also buy pre-colored pasta here if you want to skip that step.  For the collages, you can definitely use white glue since the stability of a collage is not as important as a sculpture.  C chose to use her low temperature glue gun again....she is very proud of her skills.  She loves using it because is so much safer than our old hot glue gun!

Her collage came together pretty steadily.  She worked on it for about an hour! I was very proud of her to stay so dedicated and focused!

Doesn't the collage look so cool up close?  I love all the bright colors and textures!

Here is C's masterpiece!  I think it turned out AMAZING!
I think we inspired each other!

We may make Pasta Frames next like this one below at Teaching Ideas.  Pretty Cool!

What have you made from Pasta with children?

FYI: We used Neon Food Color to create our fabulous colors!

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  1. Love these! The colors are so funky and fun! :)

    1. Thank you Aleacia! I can always count on you to leave a great comment.

  2. Love the colours and concentration! I just did a post on dyeing pasta but we haven't actually got to the creating part yet! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks. We really enjoyed creating with pasta. Please share your creations when they are complete.