Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mud Painting for International Mud Day!!!

We decided to join in the fun and paint with Mud for International Mud Day! Never heard of the day until recently (I guess it is the first?)!  If you have ever played with mud or have an activity that goes along with it be sure to add your idea in the the linky after this post! If you have no idea of what to do... check out the ideas below or head over to Hands on : as we grow for a great collection of 30+ Dirty Kid Activities here!

First we collected some mud in a pail, added some water, mixed it around and there you have some MUD Paint! If you could find a mud puddle it would be the same thing!

Cassie grabbed a paint brush and the FUN began!

Starting to do some Splatter Mud Painting!

Finished Splatter Mud Painting! (Yuck!....but fun!)

Put your feet into the pail and it is a Great sensory Experience! This girl Loves getting her feet dirty, but not her hands!!!!!

Making Mud Foot Prints! 

Back to brush painting with the Mud! This Girl had a Great Time in the Mud!

We were almost up to our elbows in MUD!!!

Mud paintings Galore!

We had a Great MUD Day! I didn't think C could have this much FUN!


  1. So much fun, Melissa!!! That's so funny how C could get muddy up to her knees, but her hands have to stay clean!

  2. Great idea about getting feet muddy! I am going to try this with my daughter with our left over mud!

  3. Oh, I especially love the splatter mud, but getting her feet in and making prints with them looks like fun too! :) Thanks for the link!

  4. To think of, it feels great knowing that this child participates in the international mud day. She has a high state of awareness.

  5. HI :))) great idea :))) no $$ i like your blog !!

  6. What a brilliant post, thanks for sharing your lovely mud paintings.