Thursday, June 23, 2011

Little Cloud Activities

To celebrate Author Eric Carle's 82nd Birthday (June 25th), Kate from An Amazing Child is having an Eric Carle week.  Other Bloggers will be posting different activities that they have done with their children that go along with an Eric Carle book. Some of these will be in the linky  after this post. We are celebrating with two activities that go along with the book Little Cloud. This book is about a cloud that drifts away from the group of clouds to become a giant cloud and changes into many different things! It changes into a sheep, a shark, a clown, and many other things. At the end it returns make to the group. It is the adventure of a cloud!!! Pictured here is our first activity of a painting C did of a Flower Cloud! We made Cloud Paint!

We mixed up some shaving cream and white tempera paint to create our Cloud Paint. The shaving cream made it a nice fluffy paint. Cassie loves shaving cream so she had a wonderful time painting with it! We have done Shaving Cream Bath Tub Paint which she loved so it didn't surprise me!

Here is another picture of C creating her Flower Cloud Painting! This painting is definitely one to be framed. You could easily just paint with shaving cream on a a smooth surface too!

C enjoyed this so much she did a second Cloud painting too. So sweet!

One unexpected spontaneous activity that Cassie loved was to play in the Polyfil Stuffing material!!! I spotted a whole bag of it in the basement and put it on our living room floor! It was instant Sensory Play and I told  C that she looked like she was on a cloud.

It quickly became inspiration for imaginary snow balls too! This girl was enjoying herself! Silly!!!

 Here is C relaxing on a cloud! She kept saying that it was so soft and silky! 

I tried to inspire cloud creations with the stuffing, but C had no interest in that! She so enjoyed rolling around and floating on her clouds!


You've inspired some wonderful paintings and imaginary play!

My daughter's favorite stuffed toy for the past 6 months has been her Very Hungry Caterpillar!

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  1. I'm getting out the wadding! J will love it!!! Loving all the Eric Carle activities. Really blown away with how many people are celebrating with us. It's just fabulous :)

  2. Fun painting! Just thought of shaving cream again this morning :) Gotta try it again! I love your clouds creations from stuffing :)

  3. Lying in the puffs of cotton is fabulous!!

  4. JDaniel would have loved to pretend to be on a cloud. What fun!

    I would love for you to link in to my weekly children's book exploring meme called Read.Explore.Learn.

  5. Going to run out and buy some shaving cream (aerosol) right away! This looks such fun and will tie in so nicely close the Bubbles and Balloons theme week.

  6. Thanks for linking to Read.Explore.Learn. This counts are an entry in the June Edition of Read.Explore.Learn. Reading Challenge.

  7. great project, thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday! Just spraying the shaving cream would be exciting!

  8. I love the pics of her sitting on a cloud! What a fun, easy way to pretend!

  9. Awesome post, thanks a lot for the great idea!