Monday, April 18, 2011

Egg Dyeing Experiments With Tinkerlab

I was very excited when Rachelle from Tinkerlab asked me to do a collaborative post about egg decorating with her. Tinkerlab is one of my favorite blogs!!! I so enjoyed her post Rolled Easter Egg Painting and gave her the idea of why not  use a wooden egg (instead of a plastic egg) and include that as a creation?---a two for one deal ! You get a decorated egg keepsake and a painting! Rachelle and I are both posting today about the "Two for One" idea and an additional egg decorating idea related to Naturally Dyed Eggs.  Make sure to check out Tinkerlab's post here.(after you check out mine, of course!!!) My Naturally Dyed post can be found here.

Here Are our Decorated Wooden Eggs from our Rolled Easter Egg Painting
Cassie and I really enjoyed this rolled easter egg painting idea.  I explained it to her in advance and she immediately wanted to get started! You'll need a wooden or paper mache egg, acrylic paint (so it will adhere to the egg), a tray or box lid, and paper to fit.

We dipped the egg in a color and would roll it and repeat the process with other colors. Here is Cassie starting the process.

She really was serious about this and quickly realized that the egg was much trickier to maneuver as compared to a ball.

LOOK at her CONCENTRATION...she was glued!
Cassie really Loved this and wanted to do it again and again!

A Lovely Rolled Easter Egg Painting was created:

And Another painting...Mom loved this too!!!! 
Very Jackson Pollackish!!

And some Beautiful keepsake wooden/paper mache decorated eggs!
Both at the same time: 2 for 1
We did a bunch more!

Love them!
Keepsakes for future Easter baskets to treasure!

Do you have any special Easter treasures that you display year after year?

Be sure to check out Tinkerlab's post on this same process here!
(They added Glitter!)

***Thanks for the Inspiration Tinkerlab!***

**Be sure to check out our Naturally Dyed Marbled Eggs Here!!**

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  1. Your eggs AND the painting are so beautiful! Whenever I see that look of concentration, it's a sure sign of a successful project. I loved collaborating with you on this, and look forward to our next project together!!

  2. We also rolled wooden eggs this weekend ( but we used tempera, which stuck just fine. Our method was a little different--we squirted some paint onto the paper and then rolled the egg around--but the results were just as nice! Happy Easter!

    (I came over from Tinkerlab.)

  3. Another unusual idea that will easily adapt to classes. Thank you again for the RC link!

  4. Those eggs are beautiful! I've shared this idea on my weekly posting, Do Something!

  5. I love this project! Where do you buy the wooden easter eggs?