Monday, March 17, 2014

Making Origami Paper Boats

We had so much fun making Paper Boats the other weekend.  My daughter then continued to make them all week long.  She tends to find an idea like this and is so proud that she can make it and wants to show off to friends and family.  We got the idea from the book: Curious George Rides a Bikeby H.L. Rey which has the instructions on how to create a paper boat within the story. This activity is great because it ties in reading and art together.
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To create a paper boat you'll need:
Origami Paperor thin paper that is easy to fold

Here are the instructions we followed within the book.  It begins with the paper hat.  Here are instructions for the origami paper boat here at:

We had so much fun with these!

We even did some floating experiments with the origami boats we made too.
Available at if you click on the icons below:



  1. The kids had a great time on this activity.

  2. Oh, I used to make these as a kid & write notes on them. My boys love origami, fun post!

  3. Great activity during the winter in the bathtub.
    give your kids straws and see who blows their boat across the tub fastest.:)


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