Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Celery Printed Rose Wrapping Paper

In my last post we created Celery Printed Rose Valentines and they turned out really beautiful. The process is based on using the cut off bottom of celery to print with and create a rose shape. The natural progression was to create wrapping paper next. So that is what we did.  We used large sheets of tissue paper for printing on instead of paper. This is how they turned out:
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Here are the celery bottoms dipped in paint that we used for printing.  Check out the post here to find out how our Valentines turned out.

Here is more of our Celery Rose Printed Wrapping Paper.  We put one of the Valentines on top for a gift tag for decoration. This project is a great lesson on teaching kids about all the different ways you can use one idea.

We experimented with using larger bottoms of celery too.  I loved how they looked and tried them on wrapping paper with great results too.
Happy Printing!

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