Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our New Spirograph Set!

So last week I ordered Spirograph (yes they finally have the original for sale!). We received it a couple days ago and have been having  a lot of fun with it. It is a little tricky for a 6 year old (it is labeled ages 8 and up), but I think it will be a little easier to use as time goes by. The set comes in a nice carrying case with paper and all you need to begin making "spirograph art". Instead of using pins. they put "sticky tack" in the set and I'm not sure if I like that addition, but it does make it a lot more user friendly for kids. Over all we are very happy with the set and we bought it at It is definitely a blast from the past and brings back many childhood memories for me....
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Here are some of C's first spirograph drawings.  I'm sure that there will be more to come.

Did you have a Spirograph when you were a child?


  1. I don't believe I had a spirograph set, but my neighbors did, and I got to use their set a lot. I loved it! Later I had an electric device that you put markers into and by adjusting the arm you could make lots of variations in the sprials. That was also really fun, but definitely didn't require the same level of concentration and fine motor skills. I will have to check out the spirograph on Amazon. My cousin's son is 8 and might really enjoy it. I'm sure my students would enjoy it too!

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