Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wood Scrap Sculptures

Wood Scrap Sculptures are so much fun.  I am lucky enough to have a Wood Shop Teacher in my High School so that I could make these with my High School Sculpture students and my daughter. You could probably get scrap wood donations from a lumberyard or Home Supply Store too. A great artist to correlate with this project is artist Louise Nevelson. She was a Wood Scrap Sculptor extraordinaire!

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Materials Needed:

Wood Scraps
Wood base to build on
wood glue
brush to spread glue evenly
Tempera paint

This was the invitation to build and make a wood scrap sculpture.

Here is the artist at work.  A brush and glue worked well for my daughter, but older kids would rather use the glue bottle. After building, let the sculpture dry.

Then you are ready to paint.  C really got into this part...painting upside-down.

Here are our finished masterpieces: # 1

Masterpiece # 2:

My High School Students loved this project too.  Here are some of their sculptures. A lot of them chose spray paint to finish them off.


  1. This is so neat! We have lots of odd bits of wood left over from renovations and my son already loves playing with them. He'd love to paint them I bet!

  2. I love these! I just did a search of Nevelson's work sometime last week. Thanks always for the great ideas.


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