Friday, May 18, 2012

Paintings on Newspaper

Whenever we paint I lay down newspaper to protect the table and guess what? daughter always loves painting on the newspaper more than the project at hand.  So I figured why not do some actual paintings on newspaper?  It actually went over really well. 

All you need for this project is:

Newspaper/Phonebooks/Magazine pages
Any Kind of paint (we used tempera)

Here is a gorgeous flower painting with a dark cloud above:

Simple line painting like Artist Franz Kline

Circle Painting

Another Circle Painting

Many famous artists have made paintings/drawings/collages on newspaper....including:

Franz Kline:

Untitled II
Juan Gris:
Bottle of Rum and Newspaper (1914)

Jasper Johns:
Detail of Flag (1954-55)

Kids always have the best ideas.  Listen to what your children want to make and you may actually make some discoveries.  

Have your children come up with ideas for projects?

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  1. Love this simple yet fun painting activity!! LOVE the circle paintings, looks beautiful.

  2. Wow! You managed to dig out some great artists there - a fantastic activity for kids. Brilliant. And great to show that "real" artists use simple things like newspapers too!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Arty!


    1. Thanks Maggy. Yes, Famous artists do a lot of the same things kids experiment is amazing.

  3. These are BEAUTIFUL! Going to try with my boys soon.

  4. This looks terrific! We don't have newspapers, but I am tempted to hand daughter a magazine and let her have a go at it :)