Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Four Ways to Use Glue (besides pasting!)

I've noticed I have quite a few posts using glue for other reasons besides sticking thing things together... so I decided to create a collection of all my post that relate.  If you or your children are a lover of using glue the non-traditional way... then this post is for you!!! Click on the picture or Title to bring you to that post.

Glue Spider Webs

What are some other non-traditional ways that you have used glue...???please share.
(we would love to try those ideas too!)


  1. We have used glue in a few more ways too. It makes a great slim mixed with borax that I find is called gak. We have also used it to make string balls. We hung ours as plants, but I have seen them done in other ways as well. I love your ideas here. I really want to do the glue prints today!

  2. Oh! I really adore the salty watercolor painting!


  3. These looks fun .one of my teaching partners was using glue the other day that I never thought of her dad had made some form board shape puzzles for us he painted them with a water base paint well she painted over the shapes with the glue she said that way if our little ones mouth the peices the paint won't come off and the glue is non toxic she I thought that was a good idea

  4. These 4 ways of using glue are great!
    I really like the first 2 - batik, and printmaking - and although my children are very young, we could probably do a modified version. (Actually I want to try the batik myself.)
    My 2 year olds, like to just "paint" with their glue, and they tend to think glue sticks are markers. :)

  5. You need glue (Elmer´s Glue works best) to make "slime".Same amount of glue and water,drops of food coloring and a very small (maybe one tespoon)quantity of Borax (disolved in water) poured slowly so you might not use it all.
    The slime is surelly a big hit!
    Laura Oreamuno
    San Jose, Costa Rica.
    Central America

  6. I have used glue for painting,I fill small glue bottles with colored glue and the children squeeze the glue onto cardboard or card paper making different forms and designs..They love watching the glue drip onto the paper and how the colored glue flows and mixes on the paper.