Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our Moth Emerged!!!

Our caterpillar saga has ended!  The moth emerged from the chrysalis a couple days ago!  It happened in the night so we didn't get to see it as it was happening, but it was still exciting!!!! We are not sure what kind of moth it is because it does not look like what we thought it would look like.  (there are photos of it at the end of this post) Any ideas? Let us know!!! This is in conclusion to  Our Caterpillar Journey post from last week if you want to check that is here.  Cassie made a pretty spectacular drawing of some moths: A Mommy, Daddy, and Baby moth!!!  It is great to have children observe nature and draw it.  I should have C go back and draw the caterpillar too!!!

C hard at work drawing her moths!

Almost finished!

Here is our unknown  moth with a strange red orange spot on its head.

Another pic.  Any ideas of what kind of moth,  yet?

Close up of the head and face.

Here is the caterpillar before the moth.

Check out our post about the caterpillar here.

What nature journeys have you been on with your children???


  1. We did this in the summer too. It is so amazing to watch the life cycle.

    Your darling is such a talented artist. I can't believe the detail she puts into her work.

  2. We did this to a few weeks back but the caterpillar didn't look anything like that! We have a butterfly kit now that were waiting to come out =)

  3. Very cool! My kids would love to do this, but I hate bugs!! That fuzzy caterpillar creeps me out. I know, sad but true.