Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Making Lemonade

Since it has been quite warm here lately we've been making lemonade! This is one of Cassie's favorite beverages. Whenever she sees that I have lemons she wants to make lemonade! Everyone Loves lemonade on a hot day!  Here is Cassie squeezing the lemons with our antique juicer from Sunkist!

More lemon squeezing going on here! We have this cheap orange juicer, but it just doesn't work as well!

Now we poured the lemon juice into  a cup for Cassie and one for me! About the juice of one lemon for each glass.

Now we added some water to each glass....very carefully!

Next we added some sugar. Doesn't this girl look like she needs some lemonade? Red cheeks!

After adding the lemon juice, water, and sugar Cassie stirred the mixture about ten or so times. You can see her counting on one hand!

Next add some ice...

Lastly, add some slices of lemon...

Add a straw and you are ready to drink! DELICIOUS!

Here is the drawing that was in the making as we were making lemonade! Family Portrait!

What simple recipes have you made with children lately?
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  1. That looks so refreshing! We love making sun tea and just made our first batch of the year a few days ago. I think lemonade will have to be next!

  2. Yum!! We made strawberry lemonade slushies!

  3. You are making me thirsty!!! The family portrait is gorgeous! N is just starting to make representational drawings, and I can't wait to see what she comes up with. It must be fun to see this aspect of your child's imagination. My daughter usually has her hand in whatever I'm making. This morning she almost single-handedly prepared cereal for the family. :)

  4. My son loves making lemonade too!
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  5. It does look refreshing and that girl does need a drink! :) Its amazing those curls aren't frizzed out!

  6. she did look like she needed that lemon aid. So cute. I love the picture she drew in the end.

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  7. My daughter loves to make lemonade! I have an electric juicer and and small hand one (for single fruit) and recently she was helping me in the kitchen and I needed 1 or 2 lemons for something so I pulled out the hand juicer and gave it to her. I went back to what I was doing taking no notice to the difficult time she was having with the lemons. Finally she complains, "mom, it's not moving!" LOL! You would think and 8 year old would know a hand juicer from an electric....

  8. Oh, now I can think of nothing but a long tall glass of ice cold homemade lemonade! Our kids at preschool love to hand juice the lemons. We have about 10 different ones because it is always such a popular activity.

  9. Oooh, that looks good. And I love the drawing, especially the very long legs :)

  10. looks so great! she did look like she needed that lemon aid