Friday, February 18, 2011

Magnificent Magna-Tiles

This post is inspired by the blog Tinkerlab and their post about doing a creative experiment with Legos. Tinkerlab has a great blog if you haven't checked it out!  One of our favorite building toys in our house are Magna -Tiles by Valtech! and they have been our favorite toy since last Christmas.  We discovered Magna-Tiles at my daughter's preschool and it was her absolute favorite toy that she always told us about each day so it became the number one toy for a  Christmas gift.  Magna-Tiles are great because they are an educational toy that encourages Creativity,  Math (Geometry), and Science.  Plus they are just SO COOL and FUN!  They are expensive, but worth every penny since we have played with them so much! Take a look at some of our creations:

Tall, Tall Tower!

Vehicle by Dad!

Flower by me!

My daughter loves to create buildings all by herself!


  1. WE LOVE MAGNATILES, i did a whole post on them too - Love the ideas on your blog - that shamrock apple thing is genius!!

  2. Thanks Darcy! That shamrock apple came to me as I was cutting an apple!
    We played with MagnaTiles today!!!!!!!

  3. I have a question. Are those the clear or solid tiles. I want to buy some, but I really like yours and want to get the right thing. Also is that just one package worth? I would hate to spend a hundred dollars and have it not have enough tiles to make much.