Monday, December 5, 2011

Magazine Sculptures!

We are joining in on TinkerLab's Magazine Challenge  involving a bunch of super creative bloggers!!!  I LOVE these Challenges because they really get our creative juices flowing! (We had a blast with The Cardboard Box Challenge back in May.) The idea for this challenge is to take old magazines and create something with them! We decided to create magazine sculptures!  The way we created them is kind of similar to the way we created our Paper Candy Canes from a few posts ago.  Here is one of our sculptures:

To create our sculptures, we used torn out magazine pages,  a stapler, transparent tape,  and a pencil or marker.  Staplers and transparent tape are my daughters favorite materials to work with.  I think these materials are so empowering for a child and if you have never left your children use these....please do!
As an art teacher,  I would see kids using staplers and tape and they could never get was like they had some sort of deprivation of these materials!

For our sculptures, we basically followed these steps:  Roll up the magazine into a tube.

Flatten and staple or tape the tube.

Then curl the ends with a pencil or marker (like our Paper Candy Canes).

Here is C hard at work curling.

We simply stapled and taped the pieces together and twisted and turned them whichever way we chose.  It was good to start out with some sort of circular base and build onto it.  It reminded me of our Paper Strip Sculptures!!!

Here are our Magazine sculptures!  I'm really Happy with the way they turned out!

My Sculpture

C's Sculpture
Cassie even created this collage out of magazine pages too! 

We had FUN!  Thanks TinkerLab for your inspiration to create something from nothing!  Be sure to check out the other Magazine Creations from the others involved in this challenge in the linky below!  There will be more Challenges coming up every other month from TinkerLab!  Stay Tuned...

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  1. They turned out great! Very creative :)

  2. Wow what fun! I have never had a go at magazine sculptures. They look really fun and great for kids to have a go at! Brilliant!


  3. Nice! I buy scotch tape in bulk. With scissors, paper, and tape, my kids are happy!!

  4. I love the sculptures. M and M have been working on Christmas ornaments in their ornament making station. I bet a few sculptures would make beautiful "present's" under their tree!

  5. What a fun open-ended creative activity! This will work well for all ages.

  6. So much fun, open ended and easy. We need to try this with rest of our magazines!!

  7. I love your blog. I hope you enjoy mine.

  8. fun! I love what you both came up with.

  9. Great job! Before we read each post, we look at the first picture and my little guy tries to guess what they made. He guessed a hat! Your sculpture would make a fantastic hat to your next royal wedding :)

  10. Beautiful e so creative! I like the sculptures! I´m a kindergarden teacher in Portugal. See our blog Pré Azul in
    Good work for you and bye

  11. I love the idea of rolls of paper as a sculptural medium :)

  12. Looks like a fun thing to do! Should try these and teach my nephew too!

  13. Look at that! We both set our kids up with rolled magazines, tape, and a stapler for this challenge. Great minds think alike :) C's sculptures are wonderful! Thanks for joining in the fun, Melissa!