Monday, January 23, 2012

Balloon Sculpture and a Book

Would you ever think of making Balloon Sculptures?  (Besides the twisty animal kind)  Well, we made Balloon Sculptures! This idea comes from the book Storybook Art by children's art author MaryAnn Kohl (and it happens to be her Birthday today!....Happy Birthday! and with balloons too!).  This is a wonderful book filled with 100 Hands-On Art Lessons that incorporate Great Picture Book Illustrators.  This particular project appealed to my daughter immensely because she LOVES balloons and sculpture projects. We first read the book, Harvey Potter's Balloon Farm, which is the book that goes along with the balloon sculpture.  The illustrations by Mark Buehner really made the "Balloon Farm" of the character, Harvey Potter, come to life!!  The book itself with the imaginative story by Jerdine Nolen Harold and colorful illustrations was a hit for my 5 year old! I think any child would be intrigued by this book!

For the project you'll need:

All sorts of balloons
double sided tape (we used tape pockets----rolled tape)
square of cardboard or matte board
also string or rubber bands for extra support
(we just used tape and I could see string and rubber bands being helpful!!!)

Here is one of our finished sculptures:

Here are all the balloons we gathered: twisty animal balloons, water balloons, small balloons , and birthday balloons.

C wanted to play with the balloons (and we did!) You can see the joy on this girl's face before the project was ready to begin!

I had a bunch of tape pockets (rolled tape) ready in preparation for the project and used a piece of scrap matte board for a base, but you could use any kind of cardboard. To begin, C first started stacking the balloons!

She wanted to stand on the chair, because I think she imagined it to be really tall!  We found it wouldn't stack very high!!!  I talked about using the skinnier twisty balloons for support on the sides and that helped.  It would be fun to make a Balloon Hanging Sculpture too! Here is our Balloon Sculpture again.

I never would have thought to make a sculpture with balloons, but then take a look at this Google Search for Balloon Sculptures if you click here! There are zillions of them!! These will definitely inspire you to create Balloon Sculpture or at least have an appreciation for them! Here is one Balloon Sculpture to awe you with from Balloon Sculptor: Jason Hackenworth. Pretty Amazing, huh?

We had a lot of FUN creating this balloon sculpture and we may just do more with all this inspiration! 

Other Ideas with Balloons:

Next time we might Draw on our Balloons before we start sculpting with them!!! 
We might make some Homemade Stress Ball Balloons too!
Making a Balloon Yo-Yo  would be FUN!
A Hot Air Balloon toy has been on our list for a long time!
Printing with Balloons looks like a cool way to paint! 

We'll be creating another project from Storybook Art so stay tuned!

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  1. I loved to make balloon sculptures as a kid. We also added a cardboard base to it so that when catapulted in air, it would still land on its base.
    I'm amazed I've not done any with P.

    Thank you for inspiring and reminding. Mary Ann's books are always so unique!

    1. That is great that you made Balloon Sculptures as a kid! Glad that I reminded you of a great childhood memory that you can share with Pari!

  2. This is very fun! I am going to look for this book and for Storybook Art book too.

    1. It was fun! The book is great! The book is excellent if you love connecting Literature and Art!

  3. Very neat, I never would of thought to sculpt with balloons. Artists are so amazing, taking any item and creating something beautiful with it! I wonder how long the sculptures last? The shadow of the Jason Hackenworth sculpture is fantastic!

    1. Yes so true Aleacia! I would have never thought of balloon sculpture either! I'm sure these sculptures don't last long! Balloon Artist would have to definitely rely on good photography! Shadows are amazing, aren't they?

  4. Ahhhh! Super fun! We just had over 50 balloons on our floor for my daughter's 3rd birthday party and wish we kept them all for this! Only have about 5 left :-(

  5. Who knew you could make sculptures using balloons. This looks like lot of fun!! We will definetly be trying this with all the balloons we have now. Thanks for the link to our 'balloon drawings'

    1. Your daughter would love this with all the balloon activities you have been doing with your daughter! Why not try another? Your welcome. Your Balloon drawings are amazing!